Enter Our T-shirt Design Contest

Calling all ages!!

Your design could be our newest t-shirt!

Shake some creativity into it and swing by Soda Fountain to receive a T-shirt contest form, download this one, or create your design using your own supplies at home. Return your design to Soda Fountain by February 14th at 12pm CST. Our berry lovely staff members will select the top 10 entries. The top 10 finalists will have the opportunity for their family and friends to vote for their entry live on Instagram and Facebook February 15th-17th until 5pm CST. One winner will be announced via Facebook and Instagram at 6:00pm CST on February 17th!

To sprinkle in some incentive, everyone who competes will be entered into a raffle for a $100 Soda Fountain gift card!

One talented winner will receive your designed t-shirt, the opportunity to model it for our store photos/social media, and a 4 person ticket pack for the Union Station attractions including a $100 gift card to Soda Fountain!

We are going BANANAS waiting to see what designs you all have to offer!

*all rights to the creative submitted will become property of The Soda Fountain